Spring Fundraiser

2018 was a very busy year and 2019 shows to be even busier. From January 1 through today, AGCRR has rescued and relocated over 57 reptiles. Last year alone we had over 436. Most of these come to us with special medical needs, and the rising cost of food and medical care we are hoping you will help with this fundraiser. Pampered Chef is a great product and they contribute a portion of each sale to us. You get to help a great cause at the same time getting a great product. The Pampered Chef Fundraiser will run from April 23 through April 30. Please order early and pass this on to all your friends.      Please place your orders on the website listed below.



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Mike, Pauline, Hailey and Mary Adalynn

New Year, New Address, New Goals

New Year- Happy 2019 Everyone!

It has been a whirlwind year for Mike and I along with the rescue. We relocated the rescue to Tyler, Texas after serving the Houston community for 20 years. We are still in the Houston area every 2 weeks so we have not abandoned anyone or thing. Mike was transferred and the center point to his new territory is Tyler.

As most of you know we lost Eve this year, she stopped eating in July and in August I took her to our vet, after numerous tests, bloodwork and x-rays, it was determined that Eve suffered from a form of bone cancer. I brought her home and started giving her pain meds and tube feeding. Mike came home in November and we took her back for her 70 day recheck and the cancer had spread and the pain meds no longer were functioning. It was at that time we made the very difficult decision to lay her to rest. Eve was such a part of our education program that we donated her remains to the learning clinic to teach their residents and staff. Mike and I know that would have made her very happy to continue to educate.

New Residence-

We moved to a larger residence in Tyler. Mike kind of lost the concept of downsizing for his retirement. The reptiles have a lot of space at the new location as well as summer outdoor enclosures for the iguanas and tortoises and turtles. At the writing of this we have 26 reptiles in residence. Several of them will be with us forever in the hospice side of the rescue.

New Goals-

I am hoping to post at least two times a week if not more and keep everyone updated on what is available for adoption, our education schedule and appearances as well as how everyone in residence is doing. I will be taking pictures today and updating tomorrow on what we have available. Please check back frequently as available adoptions change weekly. Thanks for everyone’s patience on this transition we are making.

Happy New Year Again!                                                                                                                        Fat Daddy                                                 This is Fat Daddy, our adult male green iguana (more about him tomorrow)



We have taken in over 40 reptiles this month and more coming in daily. I try never to ask the public for donations but we are in dire need of all lights; we need

  • 50W basking
  • 75W Basking
  • 100W Basking
  • 150 W Basking
  • 250 W Basking
  • 50 W Red Heat
  • 75W Red Heat
  • 100 W Red Heat
  • 150 W red Heat
  • we are also in need of 5.0 and 10.0 UVB bulbs

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please text or call me at 281-382-0773 to insure the correct rescue receives these items. We have been having some mix ups lately.

Thank you again!

Mike and Pauline

Meet Stanley June’s reptile of the Month


Stanley came to us after a dog attack.  He was pretty well chewed up and had some residual evidence of being hit by a car. We have treated all of Stanley’s wounds and he is making progress. We are using him for the time being in our education program. When we received Stanley he only weighed 1742 grams. But after 2 months of proper nutrition and maintenance. Stanley weighed in this morning at 2004 grams! He is such a sweet boy and is very curious. If Stanley continues to improve, he will be available for adoption in late July. You will have to fill out an application and proof of habitat is a must. These guys are bull dozers on legs and extremely good escape artists.  We believe Stanley to be in his early 20’s. Since these guys can live well into the Century mark. It will be a family commitment to own the handsome guy.

Spring time and Reptiles

Wow, how time is flying by. It is already May and summer is right around the corner. Please remember that your standard UVB bulbs I recommended changing on January 1 are coming up due to change again on June 1.  I know some people and manufacturers will tell you that 1 year or longer is okay as long as the light is burning. We however have proven this statement wrong by using our UVB meter. after 6 months of daily use of 12/12, the drop in UVB output dropped drastically during the 6th month of use. It is better to get on a 6 month routine and have the expense of just a bulb, than the possibility of MBD in your loved forever friend.

Summer is the perfect time in Texas to give your dragons, monitors and iguanas some much needed sun time. Having an outdoor habitat is wonderful, but make sure you have adequate areas for shade and plenty of fresh water. If you need ideas on how to build an enclosures, drop us a line and we will give you ideas.  Make sure your enclosures are safely locked and secure from predators such as feral cats, dogs, birds of prey and even raccoons. Remember standard galvanized netting is not recommended as the sharp edges can cause damage to your forever friend. Also if you feed your reptile outside, watch for ants and other pests in their food bowls.

Make sure after a time outside you check your reptiles for mites and ticks, yes just like our furry friends, these parasites can attach to your forever friends too.

We still have several reptiles for adoption. Here is a short list. If you would like more information. Please contact us at 281-382-0773, or reptilerescuetx@aim.com.


We’re Back!

Oh my how time flies and before you know it over 4 months have flown by. If you would like to volunteer to help us with our web page, putting on pictures, adding new arrivals and adoptions. Please send me an email or call.

AGCRR was blessed to have had 514 reptiles move through here last year.  We are self supporting getting very little funding from outsider sources. So I think we did outstanding.  We have in residence right now 4 green tree iguanas, 3 of those are teal. We are keeping one for educational purposes. We have 2 bearded dragons that are available for adoption. Also available for adoption; Male juvenile ball python, 2 male adult ball pythons and a male and female (pair) veiled chameleons.

We also have several 10’s, 20’s, and 40’s tanks available for sale some with lids, light fixtures, bowls, and hides and some wood left over from our 2nd annual garage sale. The more you buy the cheaper it gets. If you need supplies, give us a call for an appointment to see and get what you need.

I will try and update at least once a month and keep you posted on what is available for adoption.

Pictures to follow soon or check out our Facebook page.

New Arrivals!


This little girl came to us in real bad shape. Now 30 days later she is ready to find her forever home.


Tex the Savanna Monitor we recieved from Texas City loves watching TV!


Tex is in great health and looking for his forever home!

Minnie is a dainty Cinnamon Ball Python. Eats well and ready for her forever home!


Adoption Weekend Coming Up!

We will be at the Lake Jackson Petco on Saturday October, 1 and in Missouri City on October 2. We will also be out at the Cinco Ranch Petco on October 15th. Come by and see all the reptiles available for adoption. We are housing 48 reptiles at the moment. This weekend only, if your application is approved. All Ball Pythons are $40.00 adoption fee. This is Ball Pythons only. We will be bringing, Leopard Geckos, Rainbow boas, red tail boas, bearded dragons, Childrens Python. We also have a female green iguana available to an experienced handler. Come buy and find your forever pet.

Update and Adoptions

Good morning! I am so sorry that it has been awhile since my last post. As most of you know, Mike and I  not only run the rescue 24-7, 365, we also both have full time jobs. I teach and he works for a major insurance company as an outside field adjuster. So with the summer school schedule beginning and all the flooding we have had, our lives have been slightly overflowing. I will try and post at least twice a week to keep you updated on what adoptions we have available and also the progress of Sugar, Raphael and Phillip.

First is the update on Phillip, after spending $550.00 on his surgery, we have jokingly started calling him Prince Philip, is doing fantastic. As you can see in this photo the mass he had on his back was starting to affect his spine and the movement of his legs’


But after the much needed surgery, he is doing very well! His spine is straightening out, his legs work normally again, he has a very healthy appetite and everyday progresses more. He has his stitches removed on Friday and after he receives a clean bill of health will be able to be up for adoption to find the perfect forever home for him. The next picture is after the surgery.


This was taken 3 days after surgery during his morning soak. We kept his activities to a minimum to aide his recovery time. In the next photo I took this morning, you will see where his spine is back to normal and he looks fantastic! I think the war wound just gives him some extra “character”.


So now you have the scoop on Prince Philip. We are still taking donations for his medical bills. You can either donate to this page or call ABC Animal Bird Clinic direct and donate to the Philip medical fund.

Sugar our resident Green Iguana is doing better. She laid about 40 infertile eggs and is getting back to her old self. We are still working with her to get her to accept human touch, but it is a slow process. We rescued Sugar off of a roof in Sugarland on Christmas Eve, The animal control people named her “Grinchy” because of Christmas and her disposition. We changed her name to Sugar after the animal control center, and have been working with her to help build her trust of humans. There is no telling how long this sweet girl was outside on her own. She had sever burns to her side from what looked to be a power line. She had several scars and lacerations from injuries probably sustained in a confrontation with domestic pets such as cats and dogs.  But this sweet heart deserves to find the perfect forever home. Here are recent pictures of her. If you are interested in giving Sugar her forever home, please contact us for an adoption application.


I will post pictures and information about the new rescues available for adoption this afternoon. As well as the update on Raphael the 3 toed turtle that was hit by a car.Stay tuned.





Medical needs of Philip


This is Philip, he was surrendered to us when the owner was unable to afford the necessary medical expense of having the tumor removed off of Philips back. As you can see it was starting to affect the spine and the use of his legs. Philip was taken to the vet on Tuesday and the surgery was preformed yesterday, (Thursday). He was slow to wake up but as of last evening Philip was awake and on the mend.  I will be posting updates on him as they come in. If you would like to donate to the Philip medical fund, you can do so here on the website or you can call ABC Animal Bird Clinic (281-495-9445) and donate directly to them, just tell them it is for AGCRR Philip medical fund.