New Year, New Address, New Goals

New Year- Happy 2019 Everyone!

It has been a whirlwind year for Mike and I along with the rescue. We relocated the rescue to Tyler, Texas after serving the Houston community for 20 years. We are still in the Houston area every 2 weeks so we have not abandoned anyone or thing. Mike was transferred and the center point to his new territory is Tyler.

As most of you know we lost Eve this year, she stopped eating in July and in August I took her to our vet, after numerous tests, bloodwork and x-rays, it was determined that Eve suffered from a form of bone cancer. I brought her home and started giving her pain meds and tube feeding. Mike came home in November and we took her back for her 70 day recheck and the cancer had spread and the pain meds no longer were functioning. It was at that time we made the very difficult decision to lay her to rest. Eve was such a part of our education program that we donated her remains to the learning clinic to teach their residents and staff. Mike and I know that would have made her very happy to continue to educate.

New Residence-

We moved to a larger residence in Tyler. Mike kind of lost the concept of downsizing for his retirement. The reptiles have a lot of space at the new location as well as summer outdoor enclosures for the iguanas and tortoises and turtles. At the writing of this we have 26 reptiles in residence. Several of them will be with us forever in the hospice side of the rescue.

New Goals-

I am hoping to post at least two times a week if not more and keep everyone updated on what is available for adoption, our education schedule and appearances as well as how everyone in residence is doing. I will be taking pictures today and updating tomorrow on what we have available. Please check back frequently as available adoptions change weekly. Thanks for everyone’s patience on this transition we are making.

Happy New Year Again!                                                                                                                        Fat Daddy                                                 This is Fat Daddy, our adult male green iguana (more about him tomorrow)


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