We have taken in over 40 reptiles this month and more coming in daily. I try never to ask the public for donations but we are in dire need of all lights; we need

  • 50W basking
  • 75W Basking
  • 100W Basking
  • 150 W Basking
  • 250 W Basking
  • 50 W Red Heat
  • 75W Red Heat
  • 100 W Red Heat
  • 150 W red Heat
  • we are also in need of 5.0 and 10.0 UVB bulbs

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please text or call me at 281-382-0773 to insure the correct rescue receives these items. We have been having some mix ups lately.

Thank you again!

Mike and Pauline

Meet Stanley June’s reptile of the Month


Stanley came to us after a dog attack.  He was pretty well chewed up and had some residual evidence of being hit by a car. We have treated all of Stanley’s wounds and he is making progress. We are using him for the time being in our education program. When we received Stanley he only weighed 1742 grams. But after 2 months of proper nutrition and maintenance. Stanley weighed in this morning at 2004 grams! He is such a sweet boy and is very curious. If Stanley continues to improve, he will be available for adoption in late July. You will have to fill out an application and proof of habitat is a must. These guys are bull dozers on legs and extremely good escape artists.  We believe Stanley to be in his early 20’s. Since these guys can live well into the Century mark. It will be a family commitment to own the handsome guy.