We’re Back!

Oh my how time flies and before you know it over 4 months have flown by. If you would like to volunteer to help us with our web page, putting on pictures, adding new arrivals and adoptions. Please send me an email or call.

AGCRR was blessed to have had 514 reptiles move through here last year.  We are self supporting getting very little funding from outsider sources. So I think we did outstanding.  We have in residence right now 4 green tree iguanas, 3 of those are teal. We are keeping one for educational purposes. We have 2 bearded dragons that are available for adoption. Also available for adoption; Male juvenile ball python, 2 male adult ball pythons and a male and female (pair) veiled chameleons.

We also have several 10’s, 20’s, and 40’s tanks available for sale some with lids, light fixtures, bowls, and hides and some wood left over from our 2nd annual garage sale. The more you buy the cheaper it gets. If you need supplies, give us a call for an appointment to see and get what you need.

I will try and update at least once a month and keep you posted on what is available for adoption.

Pictures to follow soon or check out our Facebook page.

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