Update and Adoptions

Good morning! I am so sorry that it has been awhile since my last post. As most of you know, Mike and I  not only run the rescue 24-7, 365, we also both have full time jobs. I teach and he works for a major insurance company as an outside field adjuster. So with the summer school schedule beginning and all the flooding we have had, our lives have been slightly overflowing. I will try and post at least twice a week to keep you updated on what adoptions we have available and also the progress of Sugar, Raphael and Phillip.

First is the update on Phillip, after spending $550.00 on his surgery, we have jokingly started calling him Prince Philip, is doing fantastic. As you can see in this photo the mass he had on his back was starting to affect his spine and the movement of his legs’


But after the much needed surgery, he is doing very well! His spine is straightening out, his legs work normally again, he has a very healthy appetite and everyday progresses more. He has his stitches removed on Friday and after he receives a clean bill of health will be able to be up for adoption to find the perfect forever home for him. The next picture is after the surgery.


This was taken 3 days after surgery during his morning soak. We kept his activities to a minimum to aide his recovery time. In the next photo I took this morning, you will see where his spine is back to normal and he looks fantastic! I think the war wound just gives him some extra “character”.


So now you have the scoop on Prince Philip. We are still taking donations for his medical bills. You can either donate to this page or call ABC Animal Bird Clinic direct and donate to the Philip medical fund.

Sugar our resident Green Iguana is doing better. She laid about 40 infertile eggs and is getting back to her old self. We are still working with her to get her to accept human touch, but it is a slow process. We rescued Sugar off of a roof in Sugarland on Christmas Eve, The animal control people named her “Grinchy” because of Christmas and her disposition. We changed her name to Sugar after the animal control center, and have been working with her to help build her trust of humans. There is no telling how long this sweet girl was outside on her own. She had sever burns to her side from what looked to be a power line. She had several scars and lacerations from injuries probably sustained in a confrontation with domestic pets such as cats and dogs.  But this sweet heart deserves to find the perfect forever home. Here are recent pictures of her. If you are interested in giving Sugar her forever home, please contact us for an adoption application.


I will post pictures and information about the new rescues available for adoption this afternoon. As well as the update on Raphael the 3 toed turtle that was hit by a car.Stay tuned.





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